What is Integrative Medicine?



Integrative medicine is a relatively new field in medicine. In very broad terms, integrative medicine brings together the different but complementing components of traditional medicine (Western medicine) and alternative medicine to achieve optimal health. It focuses on the whole person and highlights the importance of the relationship between the physician and the patient. Integrative medicine specialists are physicians who use different proven therapies and treatment approaches from both traditional and alternative medicine, rather than  practice one type of medicine, to ensure the best results for their patients.

We believe that everyone has the right to seek the best care that will specifically address their health needs. Integrative medicine allows you to partner with your physician to seek and find the best care plan for you.

Do not settle for carbon copy answers and solutions.

Feeling very tired all the time? Vitamin B helps but what if your fatigue is caused by food intolerance? Don’t you want to find the cause, rather than merely treat the symptom?

Challenge the traditional treatments. 

Coming down with a cold? Find out if you really need an antibiotic.

Discover the alternatives.

High cholesterol? Discuss with your doctor the pros and cons of red yeast rice to control your levels.




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